How often should windows be cleaned?

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Window cleaning has become an essential part of our cleaning regime. We all love to have a crystal clear view from our windows whether that is at home or in the office.

Clean windows is even more important if you own or maintain a retail premises, it is quite literally your shop window! Potential customers do not want to be peering through dirty windows in order to see what you have for sale. You can increase the importance of clean windows for certain businesses like Car Dealerships where it is almost expected that your premises shine bright and clean at all times!

So, how often should windows be cleaned?

The answer is… it very much depends on the type of property you own and personal preference.
First let’s discuss domestic properties such as your house, apartment or flat.

How often should my home windows be cleaned?

Domestic Window Cleaning

For a domestic property it is going to come down to how important you feel clean windows are for your own well-being.
Clean windows can actually have a large effect on our well-being. As silly as that may sound, the difference between looking out of beautifully clean windows on a sunny summers day, watching the trees sway in the breeze and birds diving in the sky can drastically impact our mood when compared to staring at months of filthy dirt and bird mess on your windows which obscures any chance of enjoying the scenery.
That is why some in domestic properties will choose have their windows clean every 2 weeks, to ensure they always have a perfect view.

If you live on or near a busy road, you will certainly need to have your windows cleaned more often than someone who lives in the countryside away from free flowing traffic.
Likewise, if you live high in a block of flats you will not need to have your windows cleaned as often on someone on the lower floors. This is because the traffic around us causes most of the general dirt which lands on our windows.

In the height of summer the birds are the greatest enemy to maintaining clean windows, and the sun shining on them will only emphasise the problem.

If clean windows are important to you at home, we would recommend the following window cleaning schedule:

  • Spring / Summer – One clean every two weeks
  • Autumn / Winter – One clean every month

If clean windows are not a priority for you at home, then we would recommend you still look to have them professionally cleaned once a month. The reason being it isn’t just about the glazing in your windows, it is also about the frames and seals. If you neglect cleaning the frames and seals in time the frames will become stained and the seals will dry out and crack resulting in all sorts of problems.

So window cleaning isn’t just about the visual aspect it also includes good maintenance of your properties windows and doors. Look after them and they will last for much longer than if you neglect them.

Ok, so that might help you decide on how often to clean your windows at home.
But is the general advice the same for commercial window cleaning? No, not really…

How often should my businesses windows be cleaned?

Commercial Window Cleaning

The answer this time is a little different… much depends on your business type and needs. In some ways window cleaning for commercial properties it is not about personal preference.
As mentioned at the outset of this article, if your business is office based then your needs are less important than those who run a retail business. However, clean windows for all businesses is essential because your clients will judge you by the appearance of your property.

Have you ever stayed at a Hotel where the windows have been dirty? I have.
Once you spot the dirty windows you also start to wonder what else the hotel isn’t cleaning properly, and the seed of doubt about the business has been planted.

The impression of cleanliness is even more important if your business is a restaurant, café or takeaway.
For these types of commercial premises you have to place window cleaning high on your priority list of cleaning and maintenance. Not only will your potential customers judge you on this but so will the local authorities when they visit your premises to assess a ‘Hygiene Rating‘.

To try and help with a general guide to how often your windows should be cleaned for a business, we have provided the following list to show a minimum cleaning schedule per business type:

  • Retail Shops – Once a week
  • Food Outlets – Once a week (at least)
  • Restaurants – Once a week (at least)
  • Pubs & Bars – Every 2 weeks
  • Car Dealerships – Every 2 weeks
  • Nursing Homes – Every 4 weeks (at least)
  • Office based Business – Every 4 weeks
  • Industrial Sites – Every 4 weeks
  • Hotels – Every 4 weeks (Restaurant area more often)
  • Schools & Colleges – Every 3 months
  • Universities – Every 6 months

Is your business type not listed? Please contact us we will be happy to provide advice and a free quote.
Please suggest a business type in the comments and we will update this post to include it for you.

One important thing to keep in mind with your business window cleaning is not to minimise just how important it is. We provide free advice and quotes for anyone who needs it, so please get in touch and we can advise you on what’s most important for your specific business and property.

How much does window cleaning cost?

It can be difficult to say without seeing your property.
However, if your business is listed on Google Maps then please send us your full address (including post code) and we can send you a completely free no-obligation quote to see if you current window cleaner is competitive.

You also have the confidence with Wrights Cleaning that we are professional window cleaners who are fully insured, DBS checked and use the best quality modern methods and technology available to clean every window.

All quotes are FREE for everyone in the Rotherham & Sheffield region, so it won’t cost you a penny to find out how much our service costs.

If you would like a free quote, advice on commercial window cleaning or simply enquire about how our service works, please call us on 01709 464242 or fill in the Request a Quote form and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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